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Edison’s Patent for the Incandescent Lamp is Granted

Thomas Edison was an inventor and businessman who is best known for his development of the electric incandescent lamp, a device that uses an electric current to heat a filament, which then produces light. Edison began working on the electric incandescent lamp in 1878 and filed for a patent on October 21, 1878. The patent, US 223,898, was granted on January 27, 1880, and covered the electric lamp, the process of making the carbon filament, and the method of manufacturing the lamp.

Edison’s invention was an improvement over existing electric lamps, which used a platinum filament that was expensive and quickly burned out. Edison’s design used a carbon filament, which was cheaper and lasted much longer. He also developed a method for mass-producing lamps, which made them more affordable for consumers.

The electric incandescent lamp was a major breakthrough in technology and it had a huge impact on society. It allowed for the creation of electric power systems and it made electric lighting more accessible to the public. It also led to the development of other technologies such as the electric power grid and the expansion of the electric industry.

Edison’s patent and the development of the incandescent light bulb also played a huge role in his business success and prosperity, as he had formed the Edison Electric Light Company to market and manufacture the incandescent lamp and other electric products.

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