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The Coronation of Edward III

Edward III became King of England on 25 January 1327 following the deposition of his father, Edward II, and he remained England’s monarch until his death in 1377. His coronation, which was held at Westminster Abbey in London took place on 1 February 1327. It was a grand affair, attended by many important figures of the time including the nobility, bishops, and representatives from the cities and towns of England.

During the coronation, the young king was anointed and crowned with the crown of St. Edward the Confessor, the traditional coronation crown of English monarchs. He was also presented with the sceptre and the ring of Edward the Confessor, which symbolized his authority as king. The ceremony also included a procession through the streets of London, in which the king was greeted by the people and the city’s guilds.

Edward III’s coronation marked the beginning of a long and successful reign, during which he expanded the power and influence of the English monarchy, through his military campaigns and his establishment of the Order of the Garter, an order of chivalry. He is also well known for his victories over France during the Hundred Years’ War, which expanded the territories and influence of the English kingdom.

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